Website Maintenance Package

Website Maintenance (Monthly)

Great, you’ve built a website and installed all your plugins to maximize its’ business potential – What next…

Well, each content management system (CMS) has its monthly update schedule and this is no different with plugins and components of your site from various networks such as Google and Facebook. Development houses release great new features on a rolling cycle and if your site is not up to date it runs a high risk of bugs creeping in, content not displaying or error messages. Not ideal for brand reputation! 

Red Machine now offers an affordable solution, in which we cater for the ever-changing technology integrated into your website.

Unbeatable Offer

Purchase our R290,00 / month maintenance bundle and we’ll put our devs to work making sure you get:

  • Quality assurance on your website (backend and frontend)
  • Includes updates to the latest software versions
  • Testing of all plugins for errors
  • Connecting to external developers related to specific plugins
  • Improvements to cache and speed of your website
  • Security checks


    AIM: Update and Verify. We offer Monthly verification, theme and plugin updates, code fixes and reports to make sure your site runs optimally.


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